Fall 2012 Update: 10 New Interviews and “5 Questions about Art” Project

Last year we launched Never The Same: Conversations About Art Transforming Politics & Community in Chicago & Beyond with 10 interviews and this year we are giving you 10 more and a bunch more news and developments!

10 New Interviews!
Barbara Jones Hogu (Coming Soon)
Estelle Carol
Joanna Brown and Mark Freitas (Homocore Chicago)
Laura Shaeffer
Nicole Garneau
Pemon Rami
Penelope Rosemont
Salome Chasnoff
Terri Kapsalis
Turtel Onli

5 Questions About Socially Engaged Art in Chicago  has been relaunched on NTS: https://never-the-same.org/5-questions/
5 Questions was a project initiated in 2008 with Creative Time and AREA Chicago, organized by Daniel Tucker and Nato Thompson with editing support from Abigail Satinsky and Mairead Case. As AREA shifts to a new web design it made more sense to bring this content over to NTS because it is the direct precursor to what we are doing today. Go online and check out interviews with: Mike Bancroft, Wafaa Bilal, Sara Black, Brett Bloom, Aquil Charlton, Salome Chasnoff, Marianne Fairbanks, Edra Soto Fernandez, Nicole Garneau, Theaster Gates, Amanda Gutierrez, Craig Harshaw, David Isaacson, Jennifer Karmin, Nance Klehm, Demetrio Maguigad, Edmar and Rachel Marszewski, Mark Messing, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Sonjanita Moore, Laurie Palmer, Amy Partridge, Mary Patten, Coya Paz, Dan Peterman, Jon Pounds, Aay Preston-Myint, Toufic El Rassi, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa, Deborah Stratman, Shannon Stratton, Brad Thomson, travis, Dan S. Wang, and Rebecca Zorach.

In Memory
Our friend and one of the first people interviewed for NTS back in the spring of 2011, Dara Greenwald, passed away in February. We are better for having known her and feel honored to have gotten to record some of her brilliant words and insights.

+ Because NTS is currently an online project, we are excited to reprint and repurpose some of the interviews Excerpts of NTS interviews with Wadsworth and Jae Jarrell, Jorge Felix, Nicole Garneau, Dara Greenwald, Ladyfest Midwest, and Aaron Hughes were included in AREA Chicago #12 in a two page spread called “Coming Together” that dealt with various histories of using art projects to bring disparate communities in Chicago together.

+ The entire Homocore Chicago interview from NTS with Joanna Brown and Mark Freitas was reprinted in Landline Quarterly #3.

NTS has received some great press in the last year including a write-up in Chicago Art Magazine and an extensive interview on Bad At Sports podcast episode #356.

The NTS Archive
Check out the materials we are currently housing in our Logan Square offices at https://never-the-same.org/chicago-ephemera-archive/ and look forward to a dramatic expansion of this collection next spring and summer as we focus more attention on the archive.

Online Reference Section
For your reading pleasure we have begun compiling articles and books related to art in Chicago here https://never-the-same.org/further-reading/. If you have any articles or books you think should be adding to these reading lists, please send them our way.

We are currently planning for 2013 to be a year of more interviews, a formalization of our archive, AND a seminar, symposium, exhibition and a series of show-n-tell events with the archival materials. More on that soon!

Contact Us
Daniel Tucker and Rebecca Zorach neverthesamechicago@gmail.com
+ Like us on Facebook
+ Visit us online at never-the-same.org


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