NTS has a series of publications released on the occasion of various programs. Download the full back catalog below.

NTS_01 Summer Seminar (September 2013) Co-published with the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at University of Chicago. Featuring project descriptions and profiles of the seminar participants.

NTS_02 Culture in Action (October 2013) Co-published with the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at University of Chicago. Featuring NTS interviews with Mary Jane Jacob and Laurie Palmer as well as program notes from symposium organized by Threewalls.

NTS_03 An Artists’ Congress (May 2014) Co-published with the Block Museum at Northwestern University. Featuring program notes from the Artists’ Congress and profiles of “Artists Congress Recognitions” where 6 grassroots organizations nominated artists that support their activism to be recognized at the Congress.

NTS_04 Unfurings (June 2014) A 120 page catalog documenting a year of NTS. Designed by Josh MacPhee and edited by Daniel Tucker and Rebecca Zorach. Featuring extensive interviews with Faheem Majeed, Abigail Satinsky, Liliana Angulo Cortes, Extinct Entities and a forward by Lisa Yun Lee. Available for purchase from Half Letter Press for $10.


Sydney Stoudmire checks out the newly released NTS01 booklet. Photo by Sarah Jane Rhee


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