Unfurlings (Ongoing)

In its “Unfurlings” series, Never The Same activates the archive. Throughout 2013 NTS has invited a series of fascinating groups and individuals to dig into NTS archives and their own personal collections looking for items of interest to share.

  • Wednesday, May 22, 6pm: Unfurling #1 with Cauleen Smith at the Washington Park Arts Incubator, 301 E. Garfield Blvd.
  • Sunday, June 2, 2pm: Unfurling #2 with Jayne Hileman and Sarah Jane Rhee at Art In These Times, 2040 N Milwaukee.
  • Friday, June 7, Unfurling #3 with Skyla Hearn at Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E. 60th Street.
  • Sunday, June 23, 2pm, Unfurling #4 with Rebecca Zorach at the Rebuild Foundation archive house.
  • Tuesday, July 23, 6pm: Unfurling #5 with Faheem Majeed at Logan Center Exhibitions. 
  • Wednesday, July 24, 6pm: Unfurling #6 with Dan S Wang at the Logan Center.
  • Tuesday, August 20th 10am, Unfurling #7 at Columbia College art and design faculty retreat
  • Wednesday, August 21, 5:30pm: Unfurling #8 with Daniel Tucker at Spontaneous Interventions exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center
  • September 29th – December 1, 2013 (Preview on September 28) Unfurling #9 at former Athens Stock Exchange as NTS contribution to the 4th Athens Biennale
  • Saturday, October 19th, Unfurling #10 by Mess Hall

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