Interviews are released as a series approximately once a year. Here are the last four years:

(2014) The fourth round of interviews published in 2014 (into February 2015) includes Yaoundé Olu,  Arlene Turner-CrawfordJohn WrightMark Rogovin, Karl Meyer, and C. Siddha Webber.

(2013) The third round of interviews published in 2013 (into January 2014) includes Ann Zelle, Bernard Williams, Compass, Gerald Williams, Laurie Palmer, Maggie Brown, Nance Klehm, Rozalinda Borcilă, and Shanta Nurullah.

(2012) The second round of interviews included Barbara Jones-HoguEstelle CarolJoanna Brown and Mark Freitas (Homocore Chicago), Laura ShaefferNicole GarneauPemon RamiPenelope Rosemont Salome ChasnoffTerri Kapsalis, and Turtel Onli.

(2011) Never the Same’s web project has launched with an initial publication of ten interviews (with Kelan Phil CohranJorge FelixEmily Forman and Josh MacPheeDara GreenwaldAaron HughesJae and Wadsworth JarrellMary Jane JacobLadyfest MidwestPatric McCoy, and Christina Obregón and Jose David).


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