NTS Summer Seminar 2013

Never The Same – Summer Seminar – July, 2013 @ University of Chicago

Download publication booklet here: NTS_01


Daniel Tucker & Rebecca Zorach

Location: Logan Center Room 801 (unless otherwise noted)

Schedule Overview:

  • Seminar Part 1: July 4-7 12-5pm

  • Seminar Part 2: July 10, 17, 24 6-8pm (Rebecca and Daniel will be available those Wednesdays for optional meetings with participants from 12-4pm (archive hours can extend from 12-6pm), and also on Saturday the 13th and 20th in the for optional 1-on-1 meetings in the from 12-4pm in the afternoon)

  • Seminar Part 3: July 27-30 1-5pm


Participation is key and makes a seminar a seminar. Please do not plan to miss more than 1 session. Unplanned things, well they are unplanned, but please let us know.

Keep in mind that seminar participants are coming from lots of different backgrounds and the material crosses lots of fields and disciplines. This will bring up differences in politics and experience. Its is important for people to pose questions if there are terms they do not know or assumptions they do not follow. It is incumbent that we all adopt a pedagogical approach to each other and communicate in a way that responds with generosity to peoples questions. Its not pedagogy, its polygogy!

Daily Syllabus:

Seminar Part 1:

After the introductory day on July 4, these days will involve exercises in which you will continue to acquaint yourselves with one another and with the archives; readings/discussions about autonomous archiving projects and socially-engaged art in Chicago; a field trip or two; and guest speakers. By the last day of this first segment, you will have made a proposal for a group or individual project that you will carry out over the course of the month. We ask that everyone produce one art project, curatorial project, or substantial piece of writing, and we will also ask everyone to make a contribution to NTS’s broad project (such as contributions to a keyword glossary or timeline, Wikipedia entries on underrepresented artists and projects, etc.).

  • July 4 – 12pm-4pm  – BBQ and Introductions

Please come having familiarized yourself with the NTS website, including reading at least three of the interviews; please also come prepared to introduce yourself with something you have made (it can be an object, a piece of writing, a food item etc.). The first day will be informal, but is an important getting-to-know-each other moment.


  1. Introduction to Ourselves

  2. Introduction to NTS

  3. Bring out a bunch of materials, divide into small groups, and give one item or set of items to each group and ask them to talk about it amongst themselves and then present it to the class. Discuss: What questions do these materials raise for you?

  • July 5 – 12pm  – Place-based Archiving


  1. 12pm-1pm – Meet at Chicago Artists’ Archives (Chicago Public Library – Visual and Performing Arts – 400 S. State Street – 8th floor) with Bob Sloane, Leslie Patterson, and Tempestt Hazel.

  2. 1:30pm – Visit Joan Flasch Artist’s Book Collection

  3. Discuss Readings in Millennium Park
  4. Required Browsing: Knowledge and Intro section of East Art Map

  5. Required Reading: Introduction to the “Archive Map” from Speak Memory symposium

  6. Required Reading: Andrew Flinn, Mary Stevens, and Elizabeth Shepherd, “Whose memories, whose archives? Independent community archives, autonomy and the mainstream,” Archival Science (2009) 9:71–86

  7. Suggested Reading: Amelia Jones, “‘Presence’ in Absentia: Experiencing Performance as Documentation,” Art Journal, Vol. 56, No. 4, Performance Art: (Some) Theory and (Selected) Practice at the End of This Century (Winter, 1997), pp. 11-18

  8. Suggested Reading: Ben Alexander, “Excluding Archival Silences: Oral History and Historical Absence,” Archival Science (2006) 6:1-11

  9. 4pm – Visit Spontaneous Interventions exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center with SI program director Samantha Topol.

  • July 6 – 12pm  – Chicago Stories


  1. Chicago Stories with Audrey Petty and Paul Durica

  2. Write your own Theory of Place for Chicago

  3. NTS archival system

  4. Required Reading: Ch.1 p 4-20 “All Over The Place” in Lure of the Local by Lucy Lippard (New Press, 1998)

  5. Required Reading: Gwendolyn Brooks on Being a Writer in Chicago by Paul M. Angle. Circa 1965. From Chicago Defined: Space and Place, Homes and Journeys (featured in Digital Collections for the Classroom at http://dcc.newberry.org/)

  6. Required Reading: “Anticultural Positions,” by Jean Dubuffet – a lecture delivered at the Arts Club of Chicago in 1951, staking out an “anti-civilized” position that had an influence on many Chicago artists at mid-century

  7. Required Reading: “Until it’s gone” by Nato Thompson (New Art Examiner, 2001)

  • July 7 – 12pm – Workshop Day and Sharing Project Proposals


  1. 12pm – Dig in archive and have individual meetings with instructors

  2. 2:30pm – Everyone will share project proposals and have an opportunity to discuss approaches and ideas for collaboration. Collect keywords from all proposals and compile them into master document.

Seminar Part 2:

Wednesday evenings in July (and optional meetings Wednesday/Saturday afternoons): these meetings will function as check-ins on your projects and with additional guests and/or readings as appropriate.

  • July 10

  1. 12-4pm Optional meetings;
  2. 6-8pm Class

  3. Gallery tour of Africobra in Chicago at Logan Center with Rebecca.

  4. Required Reading: Barbara Jones-Hogu’s “History, Philosophy, and Aesthetics of AfriCOBRA” (AREA Chicago)

  • July 13

  1. 12-4pm Optional meetings (with Daniel only)

  • July 17

  1. 12-4pm Optional meetings;

  2. 6-8pm Class. Lecture by Daniel Tucker.

  3. Required Reading: DSLR Interview from NTS

  • July 20

  1. 12-4pm Optional meetings (with Rebecca only)

  • July 24

  1. 12-4pm Optional meetings;

  2. 6-8pm Class with Dan S. Wang

  3. Required Reading: Downtime at the Experimental Station by Dan S. Wang with Dan Peterman; MESS HALL: What It Is (After the First Year) By Dan S. Wang

Seminar Part 3:

Participants make project presentations (depending on the scope of the project, these may still be preliminary or may be in nearly final form—to be determined in conversation with instructors) for critique. These presentations will be interspersed with additional guests, readings, and field trips.

  • July 27 – 1-5pm – Work Day from Logan Center or your own alternate location OR attend Printers Ball at Hubbard Street Lofts, 1821 W. Hubbard

  • July 28 – 1-5pm – The Interview and Collective Knowledge

  1. Required Reading: From the Individual Interview to the Interview Society Jaber F. Gubrium & James A. Holstein
  2. Using the NTS interviews as a starting point, we will explore interviewing and do collaborative research with the aim of contributing to the larger field of collective knowledge surrounding the practice and research of socially and politically engaged art. Discussion of the problems, parameters, and possibilities of such research is encouraged.
  3. Break into 3 Groups: Wikipedia (Identify nonexistent entries or gaps in existing entries); Timeline; Keywords.
  • July 29 – 1-5pm – Project Presentations

  • July 30 – 1-5pm – Project Presentations

The list below is a compilation of keywords generated in the seminar in response to the participant presentations and Never The Same’s work more generally.

A-Zone, A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum, AACM, Accessible, Activation of Public, Activism, ACT-UP, Afro-Deco, Afrocentric, Alinskyite Community-Organization Model, American Gothic, Animal Charm, Anti-Gang Loitering Laws, Antibody Dance, Antiwar, Archive, Art & Life, Art Therapy, Ash Kyrie, Audio Recorded Tours, Axe Street Arena, Beauty, Beauty Industry, Belonging, Berserk, Black Age Movement, Black Age of Comics, Black Arts Guild, Black on Black Arts Center, Blaxploitation Films, Bridging Gaps, Bright Moments (Caton and Calvin Jones), Ceasefire, Center for Urban Pedagogy, Charrette, Chicago, Chicago Defender, Chicago Mural Group, Chicago Public Art Group, Chicago Urban Ecology Action Group, Clinic Defense, Coalition for the Homeless, Collaborate, Collection, Collectives, Commitment Statement, Community Concern, Contemporary, Continental Drift (Through the Midwest Radical Cultural Corridor), Costs and Benefits, Counter-Globalization Movement, Counter Productive Industries, Creative Resistance, Cubism, Cultural Buildings, Cultural Poverty, Culture in Action, Daley Dynasty, Democracy Now!, Design, Desire, Dialogue, Disillusioned in 90s, Displacement, Distributors, DIY (infoshops, Riot Grrrl, Punk), Don’t Feel Safe, Dues to Be Paid, Dynasty, Eastern Europe, Economic Transition, Engagement, Environmental Justice, Egyptian Cobras, FALN, FBI, Festac, Fifth Column, Foreclosure, Form, Foto Encontrada, Freedom, Friends of the Parks, Future Primitive (and Other Essays), Gentrification, Geographies, Global Medical Relief Fund, Going Natural, Goldenrod, Haha, Hair, Historic North Pullman Organization, History, Holistic Health, Human Perception, Identity, Images Representing Truth, Immediate Needs, Immigration Forums, Impact, Indymedia, Information Dissemination, Informed and Passionate, Infrastructure, International Interventions, Interviews, Iraq Veterans Against the War, IWW, Kartemquin, Kitsch, Landscape, Leisure, Liberation of Guinea-Bissau, Library, Lives, Living Documentation, Local, Mapping, Marwen Foundation, Mass Incarceration, Materials, Meatpacking, Memories, Mineral Extraction Sites in the U.S., Minority Communities, National Boricua Human Rights Network, National Museum of Mexican Art, National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM), NEA, Neoliberalism / Gentrification, New Arts Space, No Empathy, NOG: “Nubian of Greatness” Comic Book, Occident, Operation PUSH, Oral Histories, Overlaps of Information, Painting, Passing Through, Peacock, Peoples’ Global Action, Performance, Photography, Pink Bloque, Place, Pop Culture, PRCC: Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Protect, Protests in Quebec City against the Free Trade of the Americas Act, Publicity, Puerto Rico, Queer Nation, Randolph Street Gallery & Archive, Red Coach Lettuce Boycott, Redlining, Relocation, Representations, Repression, Resonance, Restrictions, Riot Grrrl, Rhythmism, Sculpture Chicago, SDS, Seed Library, SNCC, Social Practice, Sound Art, Sound in the City, South Side Community Art Center, Squatting, Street Vendors, Structural Adjustment, Sullivan Galleries, Suppression, Survey, Tactical Media, The Bakery, The Butcher Shop, The Hairy Who, The Kitchen, The Rope, The Studio Museum, The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, Tribe 8, Tumblr, Tute Bianche Aka White Overalls, Ultra Red, Variety, Video, Wall of Respect, Wall of Love, Warrior Writer’s Project, WJ Studios, Women, Work, World Trade Organization (WTO) (see also: International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD), or the World Economic Forum (WEF)



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