Preserving and Activating (2014)

Preserving and Activating Local Art Histories

3/14/14 3pm-4pm

at Chicago Cultural Center for Creative Chicago Expo


  1. Sara Chapman (Media Burn)
  2. Jennifer Patiño Cervantes/Tempestt Hazel (Sixty Inches From Center)
  3. Skyla Hearn (Never The Same and UIC Resident Archivist for Social Justice and The Social Justice Initiative)
  4. Faheem Majeed (Independent Artist/Former Director of South Side Community Arts Center)
  5. Leslie Patterson/Bob Sloane (Chicago Artists’ Archive at Chicago Public Library)
  6. Anthony Romero (Independent Artist/Extinct Entities)
  7. Jacqueline Stewart (South Side Home Movie Project)
  8. Facilitated by Daniel Tucker (Never The Same)

Preserving Local Art Histories delves into the work of Never The Same and other local art historical projects that are trying to preserve and document art made in Chicago over the last 50 years. This panel discussion will include a brief description of Never The Same’s approach and invite participation from other local projects. The audience will be invited to propose questions to all panelists about the theory and practice of ephemera preservation and oral history. and

An edited transcript is available here: PreservingandActivatingLocalArtHistories-PanelTranscript


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