Athens Biennale

NTS was selected to participate in the 4th Athens Biennale and for this event we contributed a selection from our Chicago Ephemera Archive

September 29 – December 1, 2013 (Athens, Greece) Athens Biennale 4: AGORA

Featuring Never The Same and many more…

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Selection from our Chicago Ephemera Archive included in Athens Biennale 4: Lee Relvas (formerly known as Dewayne Slightweight) , The Kinship Structure of Ferns (2007); Pocket Guide To Hell Tours and Zach Dodson, Let the Voice of the People Be Heard: A Haymarket Reenactment (2011); Time to Fight, campaign poster for Peggy Terry as Vice Presidential candidate for Peace and Freedom Party, (1968); Daniel Tucker and Emily Forman, Trashing the Neoliberal City: Autonomous Cultural Practices in Chicago from 2000-2005; Exhibition card for Report to the Public: An Untold Story of the Conservative Vice Lords (2012); Exhibition card for tu casa es mi casa: Artists respond to gentrification at Polvo Art Studio (2004); Rob Kelly, Zena Sakowski, and Temporary Services, Masks and Public Inflatable Projects in Puerto Rico and Chicago (2002); Amos Kennedy, Do More Than Vote; In The Field, We Make Aesthetic Occupations (2003); Exhibition program for Feel Tank Chicago’s Pathogeographies exhibition, Gallery 400, (2007); Cicatriz: University of Chicago Women’s Union Arts Journal (1991); The Land Line Qurterly #3 (2012); Not Enough Space Exhibition catalogue by the National Boricua Human Rights Network and magazine Que Ondee Sola (2004); Marvelous Freedom: Vigilance of Desire, exhibition catalogue of the World Surrealist Exhibition, Chicago (1976); Take Back Chicago, made by Stand Up Chicago (2011); Bomb The Suburbs by William Upski Wimsatt, poster for book release (1994); Bob E. Lee, Leonard Peltier. Manifesto on legal sized paper (2003-2005); Memorial program for Franklin Rosemont (2009); newsletter for Experimental Station (2010); Gray Line Conversion Map on Letter Sized paper (2004); This Is CHAos, Foldout poster (2005); Restore Human Rights in Chile, brochure by Chicago Committee to Save Lives in Chile (1970s); Randolph Street Gallery Calendar of events featuring SPEW (1991); Deborah Stratman, Power/Exchange, (2003); Cosmology: A Spiritual Jazz Concert Series, music, visuals, and lecture by Bro. Kelan Phil Cohran, poster (2005); Wastestream Diversions, booklet for exhibition at Mess Hall (2007); White Walls #36, “Local Options” (October 1995); Postcard promoting the exhibition “Looks Like Freedom: Art, Politics and Urban Space” (2008); AREA Chicago #1: Public/Private Parties (2005); Robert Peters, Gold and Silver Do Not Spoil, (1988); Ashley Hunt, Prison Maps – Popular Education Poster Series to accompany Corrections Documentary Project (2003).


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